STRIDE is the only foot care solution of its kind developed by dermatologists.

Try just one, or, for best results, put all 3 to work for you. From our medical grade foot peel that sheds away years of damage in weeks to a daily supplement that renews skin and hair from the inside out, you’ll SEE and FEEL the results.

Step 1 – STRIDE Foot Peel: Remove & Rejuvenate

Peel away years of hard, dead & calloused skin, to reveal soft and delicate skin. For best results use immediately following shower or bath. 

Step 2- STRIDE Foot Cream: Nourish & Maintain

Use STRIDE Foot Cream following use of the foot peel and Daily thereafter to get and maintain the healthy and beautiful feet you are looking for.

Step 3 – STRIDE The One Daily Supplement: Restore & Rebuild

Begin taking one capsule on Day 1 of treatment and continue daily. The One provides just the right amount of Biotin, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid + Antioxidant to support healthy skin, strong nails, and luxurious hair. You will be delighted with the results!

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Loved by Our Customers

Dawn R.

My nails have always been brittle and break so easily. After taking The One I noticed a big change. My nails are no longer peeling or breaking. And a bonus was a noticeable difference in my skin and hair!

Caitlin G.

Being a hairstylist I am on my feet all day. It really took a toll on my feet. After using the STRIDE foot peel, my feet look great! No more embarrassing dry heels and love that is what shipped directly to me, so no more embarrassing checkouts at the drugstore.

Miranda L.

I had sore cracked feet and heels. My feet felt hydrated after one use of STRIDE Foot Cream. I have kept using it and the hard skin on my heels has gotten a lot softer.

Emily J.

I first used the STRIDE Foot Peel. I was so impressed that I ordered STRIDE The One and STRIDE Foot Cream. The results were amazing. I have strong nails and soft skin. I love showing off my feet now.

Kelley G.

Very creamy. STRIDE Foot Cream absorbed right into my feet. Goodbye to my dry cracked heels.

Stephanie M.

After years of no-chip manicures, my nails were in sad shape. I began taking The One and was amazed at the growth and strength of my nails. Highly recommend.

Addison D.

STRIDE Foot Peel changed my feet. I was dreading an upcoming trip to the beach with my girlfriends. I was so embarrassed by my dry rough feet. I used the STRIDE Foot Peel and it worked wonders. I can’t wait to show off my feet.

Gina P.

Great product, my feet feel soft and pampered.

Laura Z.

I'm surprised how well The One is working. My nails are growing so much and don’t break! I have noticed a difference in my hair too. My hair does not shed as much and grows much faster.

Bob M.

Years of working in the Construction Industry wearing safety boots made my feet dry and calloused. I have avoided pool parties with my kids because of my feet. I am not the type of guy to go to the store and buy foot products. I love that I was able to buy this product discreetly and do the treatment in my own house. It really works!

Clinically Developed and Tested by a World-Renowned Dermatologist

Dr. Neil Sadick is one of the foremost global authorities in cosmetic dermatology. He and his team of researchers have developed a new medical-grade skincare line specifically for your feet. In a few short days, STRIDE will make your feet so beautiful you’ll want to show them off.

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If your feet don’t look and feel noticeably better in 90 days, we’ll give you your money back.

Even though most of our customers see results in days, we’d encourage you to take 90 days to decide. If you’re unsatisfied, we’ve got you covered.

Stop the embarrassment. You don’t have to hide your feet anymore.

Dry, cracked, calloused, peeling feet? We’ve seen it all and our medical team has developed STRIDE just for you.

It’s time for STRIDE.

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